City Administrator


Clint Mercer
City Administrator

215 W Elm St
Alvord, TX 76225

The City Administrator is responsible for the implementation of Council policies and priorities. The City Administrator provides leadership and direction to all departments of the City, coordinates the official business of the City Council, submits and administers the annual budget and capital improvement programs, and acts as a liaison between the City Council, citizens, and other organizations.

Clint Mercer has been employed by the City of Alvord since 2016 and was named City Administrator in 2019. He is a lifelong resident of Wise County and a part of the Alvord Community since 2003. Clint has worked diligently to carry out priorities set by council including water and wastewater systems improvement, fiscal responsibility, and improving the quality of life for our citizens. . Clint makes it a priority to be accessible to all citizens and stake holders, and welcomes your phone call, visit, or email.

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