Pavilion rental


The pavilion can be rented for events like birthday parties, family reunions, sports team parties, church gatherings, etc… A rental application form is available at City Hall. Scheduling is based on availability.

  1. All reservation applications and fees must be completed and paid during regular business hours at City Hall at least one week prior to the reserved date.
  2. Refundable cancellations must be completed during regular business hours a City Hall at least 24 hours prior to the reserved date.
  3. Rainouts will be rescheduled at no additional charge if the facility was not used.
  4. Extended reservations will not exceed one week without prior approval of the Alvord City Council.
  5. All facilities are to be cleaned up and all personal effects are to be removed from the facility after use or a fine could apply. The facility must be left in at least the same condition it was in when you arrived.
  6. Pavilion rental hours are from 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. – PLEASE BE SURE LIGHTS ARE TURNED OFF BEFORE LEAVING!!

Refundable deposit…………….$150.00

Pavilion rental daily rate……………$75.00

Weekly rate…………………. $350.00


Elm Creek Park – 1078 E. Business U.S. 81/287


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